1. Use Times New Roman and font size 11 throughout the paper.
  2. Title: Capitalised, centred, and bold.
  3. Authors: Use an asterisk to indicate the corresponding author. See the sample provided.
  4. Section headings: Use appropriate section headings such as Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, and References.
  5. References: Works cited must not exceed fifteen. Use APA citation style.
  6. The use of footnotes and endnotes is not encouraged.
  7. Word limit: Do not exceed the 2000 word limit (inclusive of title, tables, figures, and references).
  8. Margins: Top – 1.5’’, bottom – 1’’, left – 1’’, right – 1’’
  9. Line Spacing: Single-spaced throughout the paper. Leave a line below section headings and between paragraphs.
  10. Page numbers: Do NOT insert page numbers.
  11. Submit the paper in MS Word format or as specified in the abstract acceptance notification.
  12. The committee reserves the right not to publish any paper that does not comply with the length and formatting requirements, has not been edited for errors, or is received after the deadline.