Call for papers – IT-M 2016

Call for papers – The IT-M 2016 secretariat cordially invites submission of academic articles to the Global Conference on Information Technology & Multimedia 2016 (IT-M2016). This conference is a platform to bring together researchers, developers and practitioners from academia and industry working in the areas of Information Technology and Multimedia.

The conference is hosted by, KOKUIS (in collaboration with Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FSTM), International Islamic University College Selangor (KUIS), MALAYSIA) .

Medium of Papers/Presentation

English / Malay (Papers in Malay are welcome)


“Information Technology and Multimedia for the Future”

Important Dates

Abstract Submission
1st October 2016 Extended to 15th October 2016
Acceptance of Abstract
15th. September 2016 Extended to 15th October 2016
Full paper Submission Deadline
30th September 2016 Extended to 31st October 2016
Full paper Acceptance Notification
15th October, 2016 Extended to 15th November 2016
Early-bird Fee until
30 September 2016

Noted: Notification of acceptance will email within one week of Submission of Abstract / Full Paper..

SUBMITMedium of Papers/PresentationEnglish / Malay (Papers in Malay are welcome)Sub-themesMultimedia in Education
Multimedia and Society
3-D processing
Design and Construction
Intelligent Multimedia Interface
Multimedia Communication
Multimedia Content Security
Multimedia Copyright Protection
Multimedia Data Mining
Multimedia Processing
Multimedia Semantic Analysis
Multimedia Content Understanding
Multimedia Database Management
Long-life Learning
Natural language processing
Computer Science
Algorithm and Programming
Software Engineering
Decision support systems
Knowledge management
Intelligent information systems
Languages and programming techniques
Information Technology in Society
Information Policy
Social Media and Community
Social impact of IT
Emerging technologies
Machine Learning
Computational Photography
Crime Detection based on Multimedia Analysis
Illumination, Sampling and Scanning
Image Enhancement
Image and Video Processing Hardware and Software
Image Rendering and Quality
Imaging Sensors and Acquisition Systems
Implementations and Architectures
Innovative Multimedia Systems or Devices
Intelligent e-Health based on Multimedia Analysis
Internet/Mobile Multimedia Sharing
Light Fields and Multiple-view Signal Processing
Mobile Plenoptic Acquisition and Display
Morphological Operations
Motion Detection and Estimation
Multi-spectral, Colour and Texture Processing
New Plenoptic Display Approaches and Devices
New Sensor Designs for Plenoptic Signal Acquisition
Neural, Adaptive and Fuzzy Processing

All accepted papers with author registration, complete fee payment, presentation at the conference and subject to approval of Editorial Board will be published in the e-Proceeding of the Global Conference on Information Technology & Multimedia 2016 (IT-M2016).

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