International Conference on Halal Global & Humanities (ICOHG)

The International Conference on Halal Global & Humanities in short called as ICOHG under the patronage of Koperasi Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (KOKUIS) and KUIS Halal Management Club with an aim to bring together experts from Halal industry and humanities globally together to address current challenges faced by the global Halal industry and humanities.

ICOHG will be conducted in the form of series of webinars from experts in Halal industry and ICOHG will be organized every year.

In our First Edition of physical conference were conducted starting from Mac 2018 as per the planned schedule.

The primary objectives of this conference are:

First: To Provide accurate and up to date information on the Halal Industry and humanities, also its services.

Second: To identifying the legitimacy on the use of all types of modern slaughtering techniques by Halal certification bodies and the use of Najis (Non-pure) Haram (Unlawful) materials in the Halal industry and humanities.

Third: To acquaint participants with the techno-economic aspects of the Halal industry and humanities, services, and to highlight on its proper financing policies.

Fourth: To propose recommendations that will put the Halal Industry and humanities, services in accordance to Islamic teachings, and helps to reformulate the current international Halal standards by proposing an alternative one.


  1. Shariah Management & Fiance
  2. Islamic Law & Society
  3. Muamalah
  4. Halal Marketing
  5. Halal Finance
  6. Ethics
  7. Quality Assurance
  8. Halal Education
  9. Hospitality & Tourism
  10. Halal Hospitality
  11. Halal Tourism
  12. Halal Fashion
  13. Halal Supply Chain
  14. Halal Logistics
  15. Standard & Politics
  16. Science & Technology
  17. Halal Cosmetic
  18. Halal Food
  19. Halal Slaughtering
  20. Halal Biotechnology
  21. Halal Pharmaceutical
  22. Humanities