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E-ISSN: 2289-7445

GLIT e-Journal on Language and Information Technology: Synergizing Meaningful Education highlights current interdisciplinary enquiry and explorations on research and practice in various aspects of language and information technology. Significant issues in synergizing language and information technology in various disciplines will be the focus of the conference. The e-Journal aims to be a platform for interaction, exploration, examination, and comprehension of issues related to innovative knowledge.



The objectives of GLIT e-Journal are to:
– bring together local and international scholars, writers and practitioners to share their research experience and findings.
– address issues arising from new knowledge, innovation and excellence in language, information technology and social sciences.
– provide a platform for academicians and researchers to share ideas, expertise and experiences pertaining to relevant issues on language and technology.
– present the result of their research activities in the various disciplines, themes and areas of knowledge.
– discuss research that contributes to the sharing of new ideas, innovations theoretical, methodological, empirical knowledge and problem solving techniques for better understanding in the various disciplines, themes and areas of knowledge.
– share ideas and expertise in language teaching and learning in the context of new technology
– explore pedagogical issues pertaining language teaching and learning with ICT applications
– empower acquisition of  language teaching and learning with the utilization of ICT

e-ISSN: 2289-7445

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