Science, Technology and Innovation is Key for Facing Challenges in the Health Industry and for Economic Recovery after the Pandemic

The Danger Of Corona Virus

Covid-19 has attracted world attention to science, not just about the science for health, but also for supporting economic wellbeing.

Regrettably, we hear some lawmakers calling the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry insignificant when many problems, including fighting climate change — a major threat to our survival — are difficult to tackle without help from science.

Finding the cure to many of the world’s challenges would always fall back on science, applicable to both infectious and non-communicable diseases.

We have just heard from Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin how the country was strategising to procure the right vaccine once it is ready and proven, together with the Foreign Ministry. It has been estimated that the cost to acquire the vaccine can run into billions of ringgit.